• Haryana Handlooms Store over the year has earned an enviable reputation as one of the Orissa's finest, largest and most preferred furnishing store. Haryana Handlooms is well known for its brand name and for giving out best products from furnishing sector. In addition, we are the complete service provider for furnishing interiors who has changed the definition of fashion in the industry. Haryana Handlooms is known for its variety art and designs which are unique in its own way. Showcasing creativity and imagination, our fabrics have carved a niche for their motifs and myriads colors and designs. But, a healthy organization is one that never rests on its laurels. The Haryana Handlooms, has been successful in maintaining the equilibrium between quality,price and service.

    Step into our outlet and lose yourself to the soft and cozy comforts of our unmatched range of home and office furnishings in co-ordinated colours. This is one destination which has answers for each room of your lovely abode.

  • Harayana Handlooms Mission & Vision :

  • Products that offer real value for money caters to the entire household
    Haryana Handlooms has brought to the Odisha masses an ambiance conductive for shopping, and offers customer tremendous convenience to shop. In addition, our outlet also offers a varied range of brands which encompass every aspect of modern Furnishing fabrics in Odisha and India.With Haryana Handlooms, We believe in providing assistance par excellence to its customers. We also aim to deliver value to the customers through various unique services.

    "We share the vision and belief that by improving our performance through innovative spirit and dedication, we shall serve our customers satisfactorily."
    Haryana Handlooms believes that unconventional and innovative thinking will be the key ingredients to attain leadership in the emerging retail sector where the rules of the game are still evolving. Whereas serving the customers satisfactorily is the core focus, we also believe in adequately rewarding our customers though concerted efforts on reducing cost and improving profitability. To implement the corporate mission, We have openned a well thought of corporate strategy and policy which will ensure rapid growth in the coming years

  • Harayana Handlooms offering to channels :

  • We strongly believe in rising through performance and delivery contact competitive advantage through latest designs in furnishing fabrics using most advanced techniques. To our end users to architech to interior designer ,we provide unparalleled opportunities in terms of designs and quality of furnishing fabrics and upholstry.

  • Our commitment towards Customers:

  • We at Harayana Handlooms meet the needs of our customers by providing the best in class curtain fabric and other home and Office furnishing items. Our customer range from end consumer to businesses & industries .

  • Harayana Handlooms Approach:

  • Cutting thorough the traditional business practices and approaching business with more scientific and acceptable approach, we take our business not as a mere commodity business rather as an integrated, cohesive whole. This means we bring a rationale & strategic mindset and a professional approach to everything we do. This starts with understanding the customer requirements in a right way. Hence doing the right things in right way.

  • Corporate Social Responsibilities [ CSR ] :

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